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Smoking during pregnancy does have long-term harmful effects on children

Smoking during pregnancy not only compromises the normal development of the baby, but also adversely affects the overall health of the newborn. A pernicious effect also remains the long term. The results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oulu (Finland) and published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology show that young men whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have a worse physical form.

As Dr. Maria Hagnäs, director of the research, alerts “it is well known that smoking and exposure to smoke snuff during pregnancy is harmful to both mother and baby. And now, our findings provide new evidence on the long-term negative impact of snuff during pregnancy. Thus, pregnant women should be counseled and assisted to leave the snuff, as well as maintaining a healthy weight that minimizes the risks for their babies”.

Not surprisingly, the study also concludes that a body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy and excessive weight gain during pregnancy also imply that children have a lower aerobic capacity. That is, requiring more effort when performing any physical activity.

Avoid smoking at all costs

Smoking during pregnancy is associated with numerous adverse effects on the proper development of a baby; among others are cases of increased risk of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy or premature birth. Babies can suffer neurological, physiological or behavioral complications. Do not forget that, as numerous studies have shown, newborns are more likely to have asthma, pneumonia and obesity as well as of dying from sudden death. Quitting smoking is one of the most important things can do pregnant women to improve health, development and growth of their babies.

And more – smoking during pregnancy also causes long-term effects, at least in the case of men. It is seen in this study conducted with 508 young people with an average age of 19, those born by mothers who smoked one or more cigarettes daily during pregnancy – 59 total participants have a worse aerobic capacity.

Therefore, it is important that women understand the risks of smoking during pregnancy. And in the case of women who are unable to quit, it must be emphasized to refrain from smoking during pregnancy, using nicotine replacement therapies or, if necessary, to smoke as little as possible.